What Our Clients Say!

“Cyrus Bush is a fantastic EFT instructor, and I highly recommend his EFT Level 1 & 2 classes! Cyrus created an environment that has enabled me to learn the skills and gain the confidence that I need to move forward with my desire to offer EFT to my clients. He is very knowledgeable, and his enthusiasm for EFT is absolutely contagious. Cyrus is also kind and patient; he went out of his way to offer support and guidance as needed. Classes were well-paced, and we were encouraged to ask questions and share information from our own experiences. I walked away from this course feeling empowered to move forward with my desire to offer this wonderful modality to my clients.”

-Michele H.  LCMHC
“I definitely recommend working with Cyrus! Cyrus is a talented, kind, and fun EFT practitioner. He is excellent at “holding the space” for you to process your feelings and leads you through gentle, yet effective tapping to help your body release unwanted stress and emotions.
Cyrus creates a safe space in his sessions. I never have to worry about feeling judged because Cyrus genuinely cares for people. I feel comfortable sharing what’s on my mind with him as he is extremely understanding and compassionate with whatever I am going through. Working with Cyrus has given me a greater sense of peace in life. I am truly thankful!
I also recommend Cyrus as EFT Trainer if you are looking to learn it. His trainings are informative, transformational, and fun!”

– Victoria Vines, EFT Practitioner and Trainer

“I used to sing for joy, but stopped singing solos and basically dropped out over concern that my age would affect my voice. My fear had taken a toll on my confidence and also, perhaps more importantly, my joy in the music. When I was asked to sing for a public event, the fear of “croaking and wobbling” because of my age had me vocally frozen. I contacted Cyrus, a seasoned performer himself, and he understood my anxiety. With gentle encouragement and his knowledge of the EFT process, he imparted tools that not only allowed me to sing for my grandchildren, but for audiences with confidence!”

– Karen Lovett, Entrepreneur, Louisville, KY


“I have suffered with social anxiety, stage fright and a fear of public speaking my whole life. My job requires that I do all three to be successful in my field of expertise. I had learned to mask it instead of face it until it became too much to handle on my own. Through working with Cyrus, I have learned techniques to help me lower the anxiety and experience the opportunity that is in front of me. I have learned that past experiences, trauma and self-doubt don’t define me and will not keep me from achieving my goals. Thank you Cyrus for all that you do!”

– Natalie Sahloff – North Carolina – https://www.sailoffphoto.com/


“I am an elementary school teacher, and while I feel comfortable singing, dancing, laughing and talking with children, it is a different story when I’m in front of adults. When I met Cyrus it was right before I was to get up and speak in front of a group of my peers. I was petrified! We used EFT tapping to calm those fears and change them into positive feelings. When the time came for me to speak in front of the adult group, I was on top of the world and surprisingly calm & confident. I appreciate Cyrus and the support he gave me at a critical time in my life”

– Will Abbott, Educator, Winston Salem, NC


When I began working with Cyrus, I needed help … help to get in touch with my inner leadership qualities … and to find some emotional healing.  At the beginning I came with a deep fear … with a disruption of clarity … with tears after crying all day and not being able to solve my deep issues myself. I needed someone to hear me and to offer guidance.  I also needed help to deal with the chaos in my life.

Cyrus helped me put things into order and to sort out my emotions and the belief that were holding me back. Through his listening and coaching he was able to lead me to the solutions I had been needing. At one point I noticed my self-confidence had started to grow. I realized that I could now do my detailed presentation for other practitioners with ease!

I am very grateful for the help Cyrus provided as I worked through the grief process after my husband’s death. One thing I really appreciate is his willingness to ask for divine assistance.

A huge aspect about Cyrus’ skills … what makes him so classy, is his use of humor and the love he shares that is transported from screen to screen (I live in Switzerland) This is something  very unique that Cyrus provides … I can honestly say his work is priceless!

Whether your concern is about performance, self-sabotage or emotional issues, working with Cyrus can really help.

-Sindy P. Rodgers, Entrepreneur, Zurich, Switzerland


“We all experience limiting beliefs or have negative thoughts about ourselves that impair our efforts to achieve our goals. Being aware that we have those beliefs is the first step. Cyrus Bush helps individuals tap into their belief system to uncover what’s working and what’s not. Then, together, you rewrite those limiting beliefs and reframe the origins. Thanks to Cyrus I no longer give mental energy to negative thoughts that held me back in my work. They occasionally come back to visit, but I’m able to reframe them into more productive constructs.

I recommend Cyrus to help you overcome obstacles in any area of your life.”

-Kristie Staton, Commander in Chief of Creative Force, Winston Salem, North Carolina